Family Health Nepal is a service oriented health organization that aims to provide the quality health care through scheduled health monitoring assistance and coordination project that provides preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health assistance to the patient as per their need and coordinate with the patient as well as the family so as to maintain the optimum health status. To provide health services to the general public Family Health Nepal has come up with various health related facilities aiming towards providing ease to maintain one’s health.


It is a self help health scheme under FHN that provides proper assistance to the members who require surgical support without the financial burden to the patient. In this program Family Health Nepal monitors their health status, provide proper guidance and assist them in their health related issues while acting as a third party administrator. This scheme providing over 800 types of surgeries to its members at a customize package price that could make one selves free from staggering medical bills.


It is a scheduled program that provides various health checkup schemes and awareness among general public to take care of one’s health It is also helpful in early prevent from the sign and symptoms of upcoming health issues. It is based on the motto “a stitch in time saves nine”.


Family Health Nepal has come up with an innovative idea of digitalizing all the personal medical information for the first time in Nepal This would be the new era in the health care industry in our country, merging the knowledge of health care with the involvement of latest technology. It is the webpage through which individuals can access, manage and share their health information using the username and password provided to them for accessing our URL address where the information is kept in a secure environment.


It is health monitoring, assistance and coordination program designed to assist family members of those who are staying abroad. The program contacts your family member/s, supervises regular health status check-up, monitor the conditions of the enrolled person, communicate with you and other concerned relatives on their health status and also advise on the best treatment environment in terms of doctor, hospital, procedure when needed, so that they get the best of your money value.


It is a digital version of patient’s paper chart which is a real time patient centered record that makes information available instantly from anywhere at any time securely to the authorized users through their smart phone. User may also have access to setup certain personal health information and revise that as per need for self health management with the feature of regular health notification.


t is the care that allows a person with special needs stay in their home and acquire care they need.  It might be for people, who are getting older, are chronically ill, recovering from surgery, or disabled. Home care services include
i. Nursing home care
ii. Physiotherapy home care
iii. Acupuncture home care


i. Best treatment in the best hospital from best doctors.

ii. Time saving that reduces the burden of awaiting the date of appointment and availability of doctors.

iii. Reduction in out of pocket payment.

iv. Access to view ones medical record from anywhere at any time.

v. Free from burden of carrying tremendous past history record for proper diagnosis of disease.

What do you get form FHN

is a hub organization that holds many well established specialized as well as general hospitals that will make the health service easily accessible at an affordable cost.

FHN provides health service package that provides preventive care of early diagnosis of disease and appropriate treatment.

FHN operates on cost sharing module that temps to lower the financial burden among general public.

Home care services after discharge is provided till the patient is completely well. Patient empowerment on quality of healthcare they deserve.